If you’re anything like me, you’ve been anxiously waiting all summer for fall 2023 fashion trends to emerge. Well, my friends, the wait is over!

As the leaves fill with color and the air turns crisp, it’s time to shift our focus from the fluttering rosettes and mermaidcore summer ensembles to the exciting array of fall fashion that awaits us.

Let’s dive in!

1. Mary Jane Shoes

Yes, you read that right. Mary Janes are back, and I want to cry tears of joy. Bringing back memories of my first day of school back in 3rd grade, or the one and only item of office wear I gladly tolerated at my first desk job, these bad boys are back again. Don’t you love how trends repeat themselves?

Try them in a juicy apple red color and pair them with a lacy, all-black, gothic, Wednesday-inspired outfit for a fully on-trend 2023 ‘fit.


2. Bows

Still a hit from summer, bows are a great way to tie (quite literally!) your outfit together. Depending on how you decide to style them, you can give your look a girlish touch to lighten up a casual outfit, jazz up a more sophisticated ensemble, or just give a lovely dash of femininity without looking like you tried too hard.

A few of my favorite ways to wear them:

  • Oversized bow adorned on the back of your shift dress with a messy-but-chic updo for the perfect cocktail hour outfit.
  • Tie a ribbon around your neck like a choker and pair with a casual white tee and jeans for an elegant Parisian touch.
  • Grab yourself a pair of bow-adorned Mary Janes and your toes will be twinkling like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!


3. A pop of red

It’s time to give Snow White a run for her money.

Whether it’s a statement clutch, a red ribbon in your ponytail, a wide belt, or even a long coat, it’s time to spice up your outfit with a touch of vermilion.

I personally love a bold red lip to complement your red item of choice and amp things up a notch!

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